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Who Were the Founders of Granite Falls?

Feb 8, 2013 by

by Fred Cruger, Contributing Writer
The Museum was recently forwarded a question . . . (asked online):

Who were the founders of Granite Falls Washington?  It is for a school assignment and I can’t find the answer anywhere!

Well, this can be interpreted a number of different ways . . .

Who was the first family to live in what became the city of Granite Falls?

William Turner

William Turner

That would be William Turner and his family. They settled near what is now the NE corner of Granite Avenue and Pioneer Street.  The Turner home served for years as the school district’s “Superintendent’s House”,  and is the large white house with the blue roof still standing on Pioneer St (not their original homestead cabin, but built by the Turners on the same site).

Joe Enas

Joe Enas

Who was the first homesteader in the immediate vicinity of what is now Granite Falls?

Coon Creek Dam

Coon Creek Dam

That would be Joe Enas, whose property included Coon Creek (just south of the city limits) and who ceded part of his property to the Granite Falls Electric Company for our first dam and powerhouse.  The dam and power house shell still rest on the creek south of town.


Chappell Home

Who led the original city (i.e. Mayor, etc.) when it was formally incorporated in 1903?

Mayor Burt Chappell, Treasurer Dr. Frank Chappell and Marshall T.A. Clinton were the first city officials.  Burt and Marie Chappell’s house still stands on Menzel Lake Rd, as you leave town.

Who contributed the property that comprised the original city of Granite Falls?

Turner Home

Turner Home

Four homesteads came together at what is now the intersection of Granite Avenue and Pioneer Street. On the NE corner was Turner, on the SE was Kistner, on the SW was Davis, and on the NW was Wright. They contributed property to make up the downtown city. The city later expanded to include property that was originally homesteaded by other early area residents such as John Sneathen, Fred Anderson, George Anderson, Henry Wood, etc., all of whom were here in the early 1890s as the town began to form.

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Fred Cruger has lived in or near Granite Falls for 30 years. His interests are focused on the Granite Falls Historical Society, restoring and touring in pre-1916 automobiles and barbershop quartet singing. Fred is a regular historical writer for several newspapers and a consultant on historical issues.

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