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Tech Tips & Tools – Bug Off Internet Explorer

May 2, 2014 by

by Austin Bailey, Mountain Loop exPress Staff

logo_tech_tips_&_toolsRecently, the U.S. Deparment of Homeland Security has released a statement notiying Americans that the Internet Explorer Browser is unsecure. All internet users are advised to use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera until a security update is found. Announced on Saturday by FireEye Research labs, the DHS has stated that they are currently unaware of any solution to the bug.

The bug allows hackers to navigate around firewalls in the Windows operating system (OS), which then opens the user infections while visiting a compromised site. The bug uses Adobe Flash, or rather a corrupted file from Adobe Flash, to attack your computer. To steer clear of this bug, turn off your Adobe Flash. It will disable the bug and will not allow it to work. The bug is currently attacking versions 6-11 of Internet Explorer.

Hackers insert the bug into a commonly used website that has high traffic. Once it’s visited, it infects the users’ computers. “The bug is currently being called a watering-hole attack because if you’re a lion, you go to the watering hole because that’s where the animals go to drink,” stated FireEye

Should you receive a pop-up on your computer requesting you download or run an installer file or update your flash player, hit decline or cancel.

Acknowledging the bug, Microsoft has stated that it is currently working to fix the code. According to market research, 55% of PC users run an infected version of Internet Explorer.

The really bad news? Those who use Internet Explorer on a Windows XP operating system are out of luck. XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and was phased out on April 8th. However, note that Symantec is giving XP users ways to protect themselves. Visit their blog for more information.

If you have any Techie questions, send them to our news desk here. We will do our best to include them in the one of our upcoming issues.

Austin is extensively involved in the Granite Falls Chamber of Commerce and is on the staff of the Mountain Loop exPress as graphic designer. He is pursuing a degree in Business Management and is self-employed as New Light Photography and Design.


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