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Spend a Week in Spring’s Paws

May 2, 2014 by

by Christina Bunn, Contributing Writer

Spring, ready to provide comfort to Oso workers

Spring sure didn’t have a week of retirement leisure this week. She was a busy girl and she loved every minute of it. She truly brings a ray of sunshine to any location she visits.

Spring and I were back at the west edge of the SR 530 Oso Mudslide. The number of workers had greatly decreased from the last visit – fewer vehicles, it was much quieter and it felt a little bit sadder. Again we were working with a representative from Green Cross who was available to assist if our interaction with someone required more than just an adorable, warm furry, cuddle with Spring.


Time out with Spring

The first thing we did was walk up the access road to visit with the workers. It was kind of fun to see a Search and Rescue K9 handler hand her dog’s leash over to someone else so she could come over and interact with Spring. Spring made her smile. One of the veterinarians that has been tending to the search dogs spent a lot of time cuddling with Spring. Back at base during lunch, there were still plenty of workers that wanted to interact with Spring, since they had been away from home long enough to really miss their own dogs.


Spring’s FEMA friend

After we left the edge of
the slide we stopped in at the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center in Arlington to visit with the workers there. Wow, were they happy to see a friendly doggy face! Spring really ate up the attention and received plenty of belly rubs.

logo_camp-koreyOn Saturday Spring and I were privileged to attend an hour-and-a-half segment of CampKorey’s family camp for children with autism and their families. CampKorey is an absolutely gorgeous setting. It is the old Carnation Dairy/Nestles Corporate retreat location in Carnation. Spring with her fantastic self  dazzled the children, parents and camp staff alike. Many of the children enjoyed brushing her and making her coat shine. There had been 15 teams evaluated for this opportunity and Spring and I were one of 3 new dog teams picked. We will be visiting the camp this summer during the regular summer camps for children with special challenges. We are thrilled to have this experience together.


“Is there something in there for me?”

Sunday Spring attended Sunday school as usual. Spring is there mostly for the children with special challenges, but of course she welcomes love from everyone. The young lady that is her special friend in this class really seemed to appreciate Spring’s presence and Spring knew just what to do. It still amazes me how the dogs just seem to know. Spring is being requested in other classroom at Sunday school, so soon, Spring may be rotating between a couple rooms. Spring says she ready!

The unconditional love that dogs freely give is precious and extremely valuable. They ask no questions; they don’t need to know why you’re hurting, nor do they tell you what you need to do about it. They just want to be there if you want them to.

Christina Bunn is a local expert on detection and rescue dogs. She is the owner and master trainer of Puget Sound Detection Dogs. She has been training detection dogs for over twelve years and has owned and operated her own facility for six years. She is a Contributing Writer for the Mountain Loop exPress.

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