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Prom, Graduation and More!

May 2, 2014 by

by Alicia M. Rowlett, Guest Contributing Writer

GraduationHats2013The school year is often tough and stressful for students, but the seniors do have a few ceremonies, dances and other events to look forward to.

A lot of teachers may seem hard and push students through their senior year, but most likely, they’re really just pushing students to succeed. In the the years to come, students will look back and say, “It didn’t seem like it at the time, but I know my teachers really had my best interest at heart.”

prom_20140502Personally, senior prom is the most exciting dance of my entire high school experience; I’m really looking forward to it. It’s the last dance for the senior class; it’s a dance to celebrate with students and friends, sadly, some of whom we might not ever see again. Every kid goes their own way – some stay in Granite Falls, others have college plans or even jobs they are headed to.

Another fun event is the breakfast party for seniors, put on by the school, It’s a celebration between students and teachers, and together they say goodbye to another year. Students might feel it’s a little awkward, but in reality, it’s a great time to enjoy the last few weeks with teachers that have had every intention of helping each of us graduate.

Graduation is the biggest day of every senior’s school “career”. Maybe they’re in their super senior year, but just because a student has been in high school more than four years doesn’t necessarily mean they are different. I have met a few super seniors, and honestly I am completely proud of them for being dedicated to getting their diploma. Every student at Crossroads has a story. Teachers I have met said they are the reason Crossroads was created; to help students who have had a hard life, personal issues, or just don’t feel like they fit in.

Graduation is a day each graduating student can be proud of; they have earned the right to be excited. Students no longer have to think one more year, or month. Now they can say just a few more weeks. Prom, senior breakfast, field trips, awards; everything leads up to the exciting proud moment when they walk up and hold their success in their hands. They finally made it; they are the 2014 graduating class of Crossroads, Granite Falls and should be proud. Each one has been through stress, drama, presentations, tests and class after class after class — to make it to the big day when they’re finally finished with high school!

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