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Hope Soldiers Bring Powerful Message

Apr 18, 2014 by

by Vervia Gabriel, Mountain Loop exPress Staff
Hope_Soldiers_FlyerSponsored by the Community Coalition, motivational speaker Trent Shelton brings his powerful message of hope to Granite Falls from 6:00 – 8:00 PM on April 23rd. Trent Shelton is the CEO of Rehab Time (Renew Every Heart and Body). Rehab Time is a worldwide institution for positive change. Their mission is to serve as a worldwide community that instinctively promotes change for the better by uplifting, empowering and demonstrating that “change starts with you.” From the inside out, through the development of faith, self, fitness, relationships and leadership, change is possible.

Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton speaks for Hope Soldiers,  a new non-profit organization aimed at helping people recover from drug addiction.

Lindsey Greinke, a recovering drug addict from Everett, started Hope Soldiers in December. After January’s successful launch event at Jackson High in Mill Creek, Greinke was invited to hold another at Granite Falls High School.

Greinke will share her story of recovery from abusing heroin and painkillers. She has experts lined up to provide information about the magnitude of the problem in Snohomish County and where help is available.

Lindsey Greinke

Lindsey Greinke

Despite her fairly affluent, middle-class upbringing, Greinke’s drug use soon led to her couch surfing and bouncing between homeless youth facilities and juvenile detention centers at age 16. Starting with the powerful pain killer OxyContin, but unable to afford the $300 a week habit, Greinke soon turned to heroin, a cheaper and readily available substitute. She was immediately addicted. As soon as the high started wearing off, she would get sick and need more.

When Greinke finally sought help, she had no health insurance or money. Without resources, she almost gave up in the month it took her to find treatment. After three years of sobriety, she is now driven to help others.

See_My_Heart“My heart is on fire to help people with addiction because I struggled,” Greinke said. “I want to infect people with knowledge before it gets them.”

Through Hope Soldiers, Greinke steers addicts toward treatment. She helps them find jobs and sober living situations. The nonprofit helps with health insurance. It also helps cover the cost of medications for co-occurring disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and post-traumatic stress syndrome. She also provides support for parents struggling to help their children with addictions.

CommunityCoalition_LogoPlease join the Granite Falls Community Coalition for this powerful and inspirational presentation by Hope Soldiers at the High School Performing Arts Center (PAC).


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