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Exams and Other Such Graduation Requirements

Apr 18, 2014 by

by Alicia M. Rowland, Contributing Writer

GraduationHats2013It’s almost time for another Senior Class from Granite Falls High School to graduate! We have waited four years for this day — some, even more. However, before we can graduate, we have some significant hurdles ahead of us. In the last couple of issues, I wrote about the required  “Senior Project” and “Community Service” requirement. Today we’ll look at the issue of “Exams”.

High school can be a long four years! Once students realize just how much dedication and work they have in front of them, getting to graduation seems a daunting goal. The education required to get to that important date is not meant to be easy; it is intended to push students to produce their highest and best. To help ensure success after graduation, they need to demonstrate they can survive in hard times and under pressure

In addition to getting passing grades in science, math, reading and writing testing, students have senior projects, community service and graduation requirement in order to graduate on time. For a young teenage student that can be stressful. Some students can’t handle it and drop out; some come back the next year, others don’t.

The school always has extra classes a student can take if they fail a state test. GraniteFallsHigh School had an after-school class called Collection Of Evidence; it was an alternative class  for whichever test a student failed. They had to do the work in that class to prove they understood the basics of that test’s curriculum. If they passed, they were one step closer to graduating on time. A lot of the teachers help the students; no teacher ever wants to watch a student fail.

Every student is different; some students can take a test without a lot of stress; others have the situation of stressing so much before a test they forget everything and give up. Giving up is never something that should be seen as acceptable; studying and keeping yourself calm before a test can help so much. Many teachers at CrossroadsAlternative school have taught students ways to deal with the anxiety — that if they can’t handle tests, there are options of sitting alone and asking for special help. I’m a student at Crossroads Alternative school. I failed the state math test three times. I finally asked my teacher to help me. In my junior year, I studied and didn’t stress; I passed the test. Asking for help just means a student is ready to accept that they can’t always be right.

Students take the state tests, create their senior project and present it to a teacher who evaluates their work. They work hard for four years to pass all their classes to get every credit needed to graduate. It’s important for them to keep their grades up to have the required GPA for graduation. High school is challenging but every student is expected to work hard, stay focused and stay committed to succeeding. It’s worth it to be able to walk with their class on time, to hold their diploma in hand and finally say, ” I did it!”

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