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Eco Teams Win 2nd, 4th and Safety Award

May 2, 2014 by

by Vervia Gabriel, Mountain Loop exPress Staff
Granite Falls High School Eco Teams

Granite Falls High School Eco Teams

Arriving with cars in pieces on April 23rd, one still bare wood, the Eco teams came home five days later with a 2nd place finish ($1,000) a 4th place finish and the team Safety Award ($2,000) for the 4th time in five years! A testament to the perseverance and teamwork of instructor Michael Werner, along with his amazing students, industry volunteers and dedicated family members, they pulled off the impossible once again.

Michael Werner described the frantic final days and results:

“Both teams worked Thursday almost 18 hours from 7 am to 1 am Friday and Friday 15 hours to get the cars finally running.  Total time for the key team members almost 60 hours in 4 days!

Getting these results was plagued by break downs and repairs mixed with some good runs.  UrbanAutos set a new school record with 288 MPG (44 MPG more than our previous record).  Again having the only 2-seater in the field we were asked by Shell to give media rides because their own 2-seat car was not running!” (See YouTube videos below)

Werner added, “The ShopGirls had eight competitors in their prototype diesel category and the UrbanAutos had five competitors in their urban concept diesel category.   121 vehicles participated this year from 30 high schools and 53 universities.”

Building two completely new cars that not only ran, but were competitive in a field with top universities and high schools from North and South America is a truly remarkable accomplishment!


Enjoy a photo journey through the event’s activities.

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Photos courtesy of the 2014-eco-marathon staff, families and participants

Photograph Links:

YouTube Slideshow – Eco Marathon 2014

To see hundreds of pictures of the 2014 Eco Marathon, go to flickr:

Video Links:

• 2014 Shell Eco Marathon Granite Falls High School ShopGirls Eco Car Team #39: link

• 2014 Shell Eco Marathon Granite Falls High School Urban Autos Team #301: link

• Finish Line – Published April 27. 2014 (ShopGirls at 1:05, after light crash): link

Day one technical inspection at Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2012 – Semira: link

Radio Links:

Autos 0-60 – 2014 Shell Eco Marathon with the Granite Falls High School Eco Car Teams – Sirius XM Radio Channel 153: link




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