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By Mountain Loop exPress Staff

We are gratified by your supportive and complimentary response.  As we anticipated, you’ve told us you appreciate the vision of a community newspaper where diverse opinions are exchanged in civility and respect, and current events are reported factually and objectively.

Here are some of the questions we’ve been recently asked:

Do I have to pay to have a subscription?

Absolutely not. Our electronic paper is freely available to anyone with an internet connection, so email the link to your friends and relatives locally or out of the area; they will enjoy keeping up with the local news! Those who do subscribe have a distinct advantage: we notify our subscribers through email when we post a new issue. We never (NEVER) give out your email address or permit spam.

Who runs the Mountain Loop exPress?

The Mountain Loop exPress is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with several members. Some of us have particular areas of expertise or responsibility, but final decisions are made as a team, and that includes contributors who may not be officially members.

Who are the people involved, what do each of you do and how do we contact you?

We are a diverse group of local citizens from the professional, business, educational, and community non-profit sectors.

Mountain Loop exPress Staff:

General Manager, Editor:

Trisha Broughton –

Trisha Broughton has been in private practice as a tax accountant since 1975 and is self-employed as Accounting Associates. Retiring from full time practice in 2008, she continues to stay engaged in meeting clients' needs, while actively participating in the Granite Falls Chamber of Commerce and is Editor and Finance Manager for the Mountain Loop exPress.

In Memory:

Vervia Gabriel – January 20, 1945 – May 17, 2015

Vervia was co-founder, lead reporter and production manager of the paper from its August 26, 2011 inception through September 29, 2014. She was vital in establishing the core principals, policies and essence of the Mountain Loop exPress; its success is due in large part to her commitment, dedication and tireless efforts. Vervia lost her battle with cancer on May 17, 2015. Her presence is deeply missed.

Contributing writers, columnists and photographers:

Catherine Anderson is a local writer, living in Granite Falls. She oversees the Granite Falls Resource Directory website, and volunteers with the Granite Falls Historical Society, Pilchuck Foundation, and Pennies for Puppies and Ponies.

Christina Bunn is a local expert on detection and rescue dogs. She is the owner and master trainer of Puget Sound Detection Dogs. She has been training detection dogs for over twelve years and has owned and operated her own facility for six years. She is a Contributing Writer for the Mountain Loop exPress.

Fred Cruger has lived in or near Granite Falls for 30 years. His interests are focused on the Granite Falls Historical Society, restoring and touring in pre-1916 automobiles and barbershop quartet singing. Fred is a regular historical writer for several newspapers and a consultant on historical issues.

Janice Huxford juggles a 25-year career in the highly competitive Wireless Technology industry with serving on the Lake Stevens Planning Commission and Aquafest Executive Board. She and her husband Dave Warrick own Snohomish Valley Roofing, Inc. and SVR Construction Services, which were recently named 2013 Business of the Year. They are passionate advocates for small business. Janice is an avid reader, enjoys running marathons, waterskiing, cooking and every moment spent with her 5 year old English Bulldog, ZuZu.

Now living in Stanwood with her husband, Hank, Joan Rawlins-Husby still considers Granite Falls her “home town.” She is the author of eight young adult novels in addition to “A Logger’s Daughter, Growing Up in Washington’s Woods.” Joan shares content with us from her blog (Sun Breaks) about travels, people, and anything that catches her interest. She is a Contributing Writer for the Mountain Loop exPress.

Lynn Newcomb is a Snohomish County Real Estate Broker with over 23 years serving buyers and sellers throughout our region. She prides herself on quality of service and has a team of experts waiting to serve you. In her spare time, Lynn enjoys snowboarding, gardening, hiking, biking, walking the Centennial Trail and traveling. Lynn has 3 grown children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Leilani retired from her private sector jobs in 2009 and has since been a member of the Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society. She presently serves as the society?s newsletter editor. She lives in Arlington, WA and is an active member of the community serving on the Arlington Cemetery Board. Leilani has taught a series of classes on the use and value of DNA research and testing to the community.

The eclectic collaboration of talents, unique to the Mountain Loop exPress, make it truly, a hometown newspaper, created first and foremost with a passion for Granite Falls. This is YOUR paper and we whole-heartedly welcome your involvement. You are invited to submit your articles, press releases, photos, recipes, letters, sports scores and comments to

Again, thank you for your encouragement and support for the Mountain Loop exPress.

Mountain Loop exPress Team

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