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Comforting Efforts Provided by Spring

Apr 18, 2014 by

by Christina Bunn, Contributing Writer

Spring with a torn flag by the warming tent

None of our lives will ever be the same as they were before March 22, 2014. People close and far have been touched by the disaster. Some have lost everything and some have simply been touched because they are human.

Spring and I have been blessed by our time interacting with so many people at the west side of the slide. Each time we arrive I am awed by the team atmosphere. From my prospective everyone is working together and everyone has each other’s best interests at heart. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked a muddy, tired, weary rescuer how they were doing, only to immediately be asked in return, how I was doing. Spring doesn’t need to use words to draw people to her, she just acts herself and that’s enough. She can act as a conversation starter as people ask her name, age and if they can pet her. As Spring begins to engage the person, it is easy to see the tension, frustration and sorrow flee for just a moment, then they thank us and go back to the job at hand. May Spring’s smile and wordless comfort last them for a little while…..

One of the flaggers on the access road said that she had a new found respect for dogs and she never knew how much we could benefit from them, whether they searched or provided comfort. She enjoyed a brief, but meaningful interaction with Spring in the pouring rain, on a muddy road, and it made her smile. From the top of the hill of the access road, a couple was trying to spot the location their cabin once occupied. The woman noticed Spring and wanted to pet her. As she did, she shared the miracle of why they had been spared, and Spring made her smile. An uncle looking day after day for his nephew, heart full of pain and frustration; but as he fed Spring a piece of his bread and pet her, he smiled. A young guardsmen longing for home and rest from his weariness gets a twinkle in his eye and a smile lights up his face when he visits with Spring.  As Spring lays on a blanket in the warming tent, a young guardswoman quietly, tenderly pets her face. I see so much anguish on her young face, but she finds a bit of peace with Spring.

It is such a small part to play, a woman and her dog; but this little yellow Lab has a huge heart and infectious smile that brings relief, comfort, and hope to those in need.

Christina Bunn is a local expert on detection and rescue dogs. She is the owner and master trainer of Puget Sound Detection Dogs. She has been training detection dogs for over twelve years and has owned and operated her own facility for six years. She is a Contributing Writer for the Mountain Loop exPress.

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