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The Mountain Loop exPRESS is a FREE electronic newspaper published for the Greater Granite Falls Area and the Mountain Loop Communities of Snohomish County.

Subscribers receive notification of recent updates and news via an e-mail “newsleader”.  This is a ” opt-in, subscription-based” mailing list.  It is, by far, the best way to manage our list of subscribers.

As such, your marketing image is on display to each and every subscriber, each and every issue. It is on every page, a part of every category, accompanying each article, news item, column feature. The exposure for your business is optimal and will bring top results for your advertising dollar.

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Tell us what’s happening in YOUR neck of the woods.

Community Groups, City Hall, School News, Sports, Events, Volunteer Info? Send it in. Submit News information or email it to the News Desk

The exPRESS is being prepared and distributed by people who live and work right here in the Granite Falls Community.  The parent company, Mountain Loop exPRESS LLC, is formed as a Limited Liability Company; it is created, owned, and operated by people with a vested interest in the paper and in the Granite Falls Community.

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