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The Future of the Mountain Loop exPress

by Trisha Broughton, Mountain Loop exPress Staff


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Hello, Granite Falls Community, Loyal Readers and dear Contributing Writers ~

With what has been a delay beyond our expectations, we’d like to update you on the status of what’s happening with the Mountain Loop exPress. What was expected to be a manageable, short term interruption has turned into a lengthy situation with an indeterminable outcome.

Nearly five years have passed since our inaugural issue of our online publication on August 26, 2011. Each issue, each article, each photo has represented the heartbeat of our community, tendered from the heart and soul of our dedicated staff. In turn, you’ve let us know in no uncertain terms that we have earned your appreciation and respect as a reliable source of local news and views.

Challenges are nothing new to any in this industry, though some have been more difficult than others. With the resignation of founder Cecil Andrews in May of 2013 and more, the passing of co-founder, Vervia Gabriel two years later, nearly to the day, it has been an undertaking of unimaginable proportions to fill their shoes.

Most recently, health issues among the remaining staff have led to the current interruption in publication. With no reserves, management has been charged with the task of reviewing the options and assessing the future of the Mountain Loop exPress.

It is a difficult time. After careful consideration, it is very apparent we need to revise our business plan, restructure our organization, build our reporting/writing staff, evaluate our advertising/sales, resources and funding options and then make the decision as to whether we can operate as a viable news source.

This will obviously not happen overnight. It seems prudent to allow ourselves sufficient time to assure wise and sound decisions are made. It’s difficult to set an exact timeline, but we have decided to allow enough time to seek counsel from outside sources, solicit additional staff and exercise due diligence in coming to a decision.

Accordingly, we will withhold future publications until further notice and until such time as we are confident that the Mountain Loop exPress can once again provide a news publication we can be proud of.

We would welcome and encourage any input from the community. Please feel free to offer your suggestions, compliments, criticisms or comments here or send correspondence to us at If you would like to be a part of what’s to come, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you again and again for your loyal support. We will post updates as they become available.

Warm regards,

Trisha Broughton, Manager/Editor


  1. jim n jackie haverfield

    This is a great news paper for Granite Falls thank you for this report was wondering why we was not getting the e-mails. Thank you so much hope you start with more people soon. The Haverfields.

  2. Connie Mace

    I always like reading this publication and consider it to be an excellent way to keep up with what’s happening in our community as well as learning more about the history of our area.

    Whatever lies ahead, I thank you all for your commitment to excellence and unwillingness to produce anything less than the quality you’ve always shown.

  3. TobyB

    Hope there has been some positive progress at the MLE as it would be surely missed in our community.

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